About Us
Spirit of VASOLA:

Vasola means "Go into the sunlight" and for us at the VASOLA team it symbolizes the brightness, energy and enthusiasm for the life we have. Vasola originates from a passion and motivation for happiness in our lives. Our VASOLA designs are inspired by this and our goal has always been to bring joy and optimism to our families, friends, and customers alike through the spirit of VASOLA.

Our number one goal has always been to create the perfect harmony between style and function. Vasola Bag Design Team reconsiders the relationship between humanity & technology, functional & usable, and lifestyle & personality. Connecting the practical functionality and aesthetics, we design and develop new generations of Laptop bags, IT Accessory protective pouches, car bag accessory and bike bags for urban life.

We aim do this by blending the extremely practical digital protective devise or quick-release bracket systems for your bike we have, with our stunning design aesthetics.

This then gives you the freedom and opportunity to cycle or walk to the office, the school or the coffee shop with a bag that works perfectly and looks amazing!

Use VASOLA to help you discover the adventure in urban life.

Use VASOLA to bring brightness and fun to your daily routine.

Use VASOLA and "go into the sunlight"!

VASOLA cheers you up!