ITEM NO. : EL-05
ITEM NO. : EL-05
Name / Double Bag
Size / W330 x H350 x D110~150 mm
Material / Nylon 
Lining / Nylon   
Color / Raspberry Red
Speciality / 3M Reflection Stripe Webbing
Colors available :


Jeninva Elegant Chic Collection Women Double Bag is designed for women who prefer elegant style and keep a feminine touch when riding their bike.  The double bag has quick-released strap to attached on the rack.  To please and suit versatile women, Jeninva has light weight fabrication which contains inner zipper pockets for personal accessory and more space for shopping.  The water-resistant twilled Nylon has connected with 3M Reflective Webbing in front to keep the safety during the night time riding.  Carrying Jeninva double bag gives you a personal feminine and elegant chic. 

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